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Dipping Belt with Chain Attachment for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Weighted Dips or Pull ups

Starwood Sports

  • Maximise Your Lifts – Ideal for weighted dips, pull ups, chin ups, for bodybuilding, crossfit, weight training and powerlifting. Using a dipping belt for weighted chin ups and dips can be an excellent way to build a powerful chest, triceps, delts and lats. Achieve consistent progressive overload in some of the best weight training exercises safely and effectively

  • Long Chain – Many dipping belts have chains that are too short, providing inadequate space to load plates and can interfere with lifting technique and performance. The extra-long 35” chain on this dip belt allows you to safely and easily load up the weight you need to maximise your workouts

  • Heavy Duty Dipping Belt – Durable, sturdy and built to last. Made from neoprene and nylon with solid steel chain and carabiners, it’s tough enough to withstand regular use during the most demanding of workouts

  • Easy to Use – Two quick release carabiners to enable quick loading and unloading of weight plates. Best suited to waist sizes between 32 – 43” for both men and women

  • Comfortable – The contoured, neoprene, extra wide back support ensures a stable and secure fit without the chaffing and irritation common when using many other dip belts


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