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Weight Lifting Belt – Ideal for Powerlifting - Squats, Deadlifts – Neoprene Weight Training Belt with Velcro Closure

Starwood Sports

MAXIMISE PERFORMANCE during the most demanding strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. Provides adequate abdominal and lumbar support without compromising on optimal movement and proper lifting form

DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE – Built to deal with the most intense and demanding of workouts without the discomfort that can be caused by many other lifting belts. Compact, lightweight and sturdy, designed for a lifetime of consistent, regular use

CHOOSE YOUR SIZE – Available in small, medium or large. Use the size guide chart (second image from top) to help with selecting the appropriate size for you. The adjustable neoprene strap on this weightlifting belt can often help to provide a more accurate and precise fit compared with many traditional leather lifting belts with a limited number of holes. Get the custom fit required to ensure the best lifting belt support

EASY TO USE – The abrasion resistant nylon strap with Velcro closure and steel buckle ensure the belt can be easily tightened as much as needed, yet still easily undone or adjusted as required. Provides stabilisation, back support and intra-abdominal pressure during lifting

VERSATILE – Ideally suited as a powerlifting belt, or for bodybuilding, fitness, strength training, weightlifting or strongman training. Use a back support belt to lift heavier, reduce the chance of injury and take your workouts to the next level

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